From mashing to boil

The brewery uses a mash pot (16L patina) with two laser cut filters. The mash pot fits 6 kg malt. After the mashing is completed the mash pot is rasied and sparging water is added.

SS brewery

The computer controlled SS (StainlessSteel) brewery was finally completed. The SS brewery is fitted with a Raspberry Pi computer including WLAN connection and HD camera. It uses the GIOP pins to controll the relays for the pump and heaters. The pump can pump the liquid from bottom upp during mashing and then change to bottom down during the sparging process.


During the sparging process an external pot is heated to 78 degreas Celcius and used for sparging. The liquid is also pumped back to the top of the mash pot.


The brewery uses CIP (Clean In Place) system with a specially dedicated program. The frame is completed with pivoting feature to simplify the cleaning process.

First brewery

This brewery uses a single Patina pot for both the mashing and boiling. Temperature survailence is by standard cooking gauges.

Beta SS brewery

The brewery was fitted with a prototype mashing system, containing two containers and one circulation pump. The system is regulated with a Raspberry Pi. The regulation was using the Fuzzy method or gradiant method.