FOR ANIMALS

Brewed beer

Many beers have been brewed by the Animals, see some of them below. The beers are always made with pride, tradition and with the finest ingredients. We love making good beer for our own enjoyment.

All recipes can be obtained upon request.

Tripel trappist

8.9 % Alc.Vol   IBU 29

This beer had the unfortunate to be brewed in the first version of the brewery. The hops added were Saaz and Styrian Golding. The malt used was a combination of wheat malt, pilsner malt and m√ľnchen malt. Also candy sugar was added.


5.1 % Alc.Vol    IBU 41

The beer was meshed with brewery 2.0. The mashing can be seen in the graph below. The hops added were Centennial and Cascade and the malt was Pale Ale malt and Carapilis. At the end of fermentation caramel sugar was added.

French Saison

6.1 % Alc.Vol   IBU 23

This brew was made of pilsner malt and wheat malt. The hops used was Motueka and it was fermented with Wyeast 3711 French Saison. So basically a fresh summer beer, tastes lika a cheap Belgian blond. This time the mashing process went flawless.

Czech Pilsner

5.2 % Alc.Vol   IBU 50

A nice typical Czech pilsner with a nice hoppy feel and malty taste. This beer contained pilsner malt, Saaz hops and Magnum hops.

Christmas beer 2016

4.7 % Alc.Vol   IBU 50

A nice dark christmas beer with citrusy hops. Northwestern yeast was used and a blend of Centennial and Cascade hops. The malt used was pilsner malt and dark caramel malt.

Leffe clone

7.4 % Alc.Vol   IBU 30

This beer was made a bit stronger but with the same character of a Leffe blond. The hops used were a combination of different Styrian Goldings. The malt was also heavily combined.